The Netherlands Cancer Institute

The Netherlands Cancer Institute (NKI-AVL) is an internationally leading comprehensive cancer center. The institute has developed a strong line of translational research on cell-based therapy of cancer, with active trials both for T cell therapy and TCR-modified T cell therapy for cancer, that are headed by Prof. dr. Ton Schumacher  and Prof. dr. John Haanen. The Schumacher group has developed a series of cutting-edge technologies to identify tumor reactive T cell populations and has successfully utilized this toolbox to visualize T cell reactivity against a very large number of tumor-associated epitopes in cancer patients.The group has recently developed technology to extract TCR genes from such cell populations and has started to implement this approach to develop the collection of TCRs directed against a large series of tumor antigens.

Partner NKI will be responsible for the technology that is used to identify tumor-reactive TCRs of potential clinical use and will be the leading partner in the development of collections of tumor-reactive TCRs.